The Grass Computing Platform

A simple platform for creating and sharing P2P software.
This is not cloud software, but grass software.
You can touch it and shape it.

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Version 0.6, 2015-03-31




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Sample Apps

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Own Your Communication

Out of the box Fire★ supports peer-to-peer text chat.
There is no server in the middle recording what you say.

The communication happens only between peers and all communication is encrypted.

Start talking by giving your friends and family your identity and get theirs.

Beyond Chat

Fire★ is more than P2P chat, it a platform for P2P Apps. Imagine P2P file transfer, voice calls, games and more.

Apps are written in the Lua programming language.

You can write P2P software with a friend using the built-in editor. The App compiles and runs as you write it, providing immediate feedback.

This is not cloud software, but grass software. You can touch it and shape it. The possibilities are endless.

Sharing Is Easy

Giving an App to someone is as easy as using it in a conversation.

Adding software to your collection is as simple as pressing the green install icon on the top right of the App.

You can immediately open up the code editor and make any changes you like to an App in your collection. Even if you don't write software, you can simply collect Apps that people send you.

Simplify Creation

The software that is written is automatically connected. There is no need to worry about network programming to write software that works together. There is a simple API for message passing that other peers can capture and act upon.

There is also support for vector clocks so you can simplify detecting concurrent events.

In the future, there will be built in distributed data structures. These will simplify writing Apps that require data to be as consistent as possible across peers.

Connecting to People

1. Add a Locator

To connect to people across the internet you need to add a locator in the contacts dialog via the locator tab. The locator helps Fire★ find your peers across the internet and helps initiate the peer-to-peer connections.

  1. Free Public Locator:
  2. Or ZeroTier One
    • Network: 8056c2e21cae4b10
    • Locator:
  3. Or use your own locator by running the firegreet executable.

2. Share Your Identity

Give your identity to a person you want to connect with and ask them to send theirs.

There is no central authority managing who you are connected with. You can email your identity or share it any way you like. Use the contact menu to send your identity and manage your contacts.



The software is in development. The security of the software has not yet been audited by a third party and still needs a lot of work. I am not liable for any damage done while using this software and it is provided AS IS.

If you find any faults, please help make this software better.

Join Us

Please join me in making this project great. Download the code and use GitHub to send patches. Or just try it out yourself by downloading a binary for your computer.

You can also contact me with questions on the Mailing List

About the Author

Fire★ is created by Maxim Khailo. Maxim enjoys long walks on the beach and smashing star networks.

Copyright Maxim Khailo 2015