P2P Living Software

A simple platform for distributed communication and computation. Provides a simple application platform for developing p2p applications and share these applications with others in a chat like user interface.


Here is what you see when you first run Fire★

You can add contacts and start a session.

Hi Sue

Out of the box Fire★ supports simple p2p text chat.

On the left you see Bob talking to Sue.

The communication happens only between peers and all communication encrypted.

A server called a greeter is used to only initiate p2p connections across the internet.

Distributed Code Editing

Fire★ has a built in distributed code editor.

You can write software with a friend and save it. The App runs as you code it.

Lua is the programming language used to create Apps.

Notice that the user interface is modelled after a chat program. If you run another App in the session, it would appear below the code editor.

Distributing Software

Below, Bob sent Sue his new App.

Sue liked it so much she clicked the plus on the top right and saved the App to her collection.

Sue can then immediately open up the code editor and make any changes she likes. Even if you don't write software, you can simply collect Apps your friends send.

Once an App is in your collection, you can send it to others.
The software that is written is automatically connected. There is no need to worry about network programming to write software that works together. There is a simple API for message passing that other peers can capture and act upon.

Only Beginning

Fire★ has three goals.
  • Make distributed communication and computation simple.
  • Make it easy for people to learn software development and share their creations.
  • Make P2P communication safe. All communication is encrypted and you only connect to those you know.

Please join me in making this project great. Download the code and use github to send patches. Or just try it out yourself by downloading a binary for your computer below.

You can also contact me with questions at firstr.dev@gmail.com


Upcoming Version 0.3

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64bit Deb
Windows 64bit Zip
Mac coming soon...

Version 0.2

Ubuntu Linux 13.10 64bit Deb
Windows 64bit Zip

Example Fire★ Apps

Create a new conversion, start the App Editor from the App menu, and copy the code from one of the examples.

Example Apps


The software is available under the GPLv3 license.

Download at Github
git clone http://github.com/mempko/firestr.git
darcs get http://mempko.com/darcs/firestr
Copyright Maxim Khailo 2014